Night vision

  • Color night vision taken at midnight

    When we think of night vision, our minds automatically turn to grainy black and green images. Today, things have begun to change, and color night vision is slowly creeping into the mainstream. The Drive reported on two technologies in early January that absolutely revolutionize how humans can see in the dark. The first true color night vision camera comes from a company called SPI Corporation. Its Osprey X27 full-motion video camera is capable of producing color images in very low-light situations. The videos embedded show images from the Osprey X27—and they were all shot at midnight...

  • Mercedes Night View Assist Plus adds pedestrian spotlight
    Mercedes-Benz Adds Pedestrian Spotlight To Night View Assist

    Night time driving can be difficult even with excellent vision and good headlights--and it can be especially dangerous for pedestrians at the roadside. But Mercedes-Benz has been tackling this area of road safety aggressively for years now, today announcing the addition of a unique spotlight system...

  • Conventional night vision image, via David Kitson, Creative Commons 3.0
    Future Tech: OLED Breakthrough Could Provide Cheap Night Vision For Cars

    The new technology uses a thin film to turn any infrared signal into visible light.

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