• Nevada

    If you’ve ever driven across Nevada, you know this as fact: outside of cities like Las Vegas, Reno, Sparks and Carson City, the state isn’t exactly overcrowded. In fact, there are vast stretches of open road, where it’s still possible to drive for long periods of time without even seeing another car. Despite this, the speed limit on Nevada interstate highways is 75 mph, while rural highways are posted at a maximum speed of 70 mph. As The Los Angeles Times reports, Nevada State Senator Don Gustavson is looking to change that. Gustavson has introduced a bill that would bump...

  • Stanford/Audi TTS autonomous Pikes Peak car, aka 'Shelley'
    Audi Becomes First Automaker To Receive Nevada Autonomous Car License

    If you’re tracking the development of autonomous vehicles, you know that several companies have now begun testing in the state of Nevada, where autonomous cars can now be licensed for use on public roads. To be clear, Google was the first company to receive such a license from Nevada...

  • Audi TTS "Shelley" Autonomous Car
    Nevada Assigns Driverless Cars A Red License Plate

    Regulations governing the use of driverless cars on Nevada's roads have been finalized, and autonomous vehicles will carry a special red license plate.

  • Google autonomous Toyota Prius test vehicle
    Nevada Gives Google's Autonomous Cars The Green Light

    We recently told you that Google was asking Nevada legislators to allow testing of the company's autonomous cars. Now, less than two months later, we're not surprised to learn that Google's lobbying efforts have paid off. As we mentioned before, Google was pressing Nevada's elected officials to do...

  • Google autonomous Toyota Prius test vehicle
    Nevada Passes Law Allowing Self-Driving Cars

    Google has been working on self-driving cars, doing testing in California. Now, a new law just passed in the neighboring Silver State will allow Google and others to test there.

  • Google autonomous Toyota Prius test vehicle
    Robot Driving: First Pikes Peak, Next Nevada, Then Your Town?

    Recently Google requested a waiver from lawmakers in Nevada to allow it to test its computer-driven cars on Nevada public roads. Could robotic cars be safe on everyday roads? In the last couple of years, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has finally seen driverless cars fully...

  • Google autonomous Toyota Prius test vehicle

    Google has been hitting the headlines pretty hard the past couple of days. Its Android operating system is still hammering the smartphone market, its new music service is causing a commotion, and the company is prepping to settle a hush-hush Justice Department investigation into its advertising practices for half a million bucks. Now we hear through the grapevine (aka the New York Times) that Google is lobbying the Nevada legislature allow its autonomous cars on the state's roads. The last time we heard from Google's autonomous driving project, the company claimed to have tested the cars on...

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