• 2019 Nio ES8 and ES6

    Part of the deal will see Nio supply vehicles for a commercial driverless taxi service run by Mobileye.

  • Volkswagen Group Sedric concept, 2017 Geneva auto show
    VW promises commercial self-driving service in Israel by 2022

    The Volkswagen Group is the latest firm to announce plans for a commercial ride-hailing service involving self-driving cars. The German auto giant will join Intel's recently acquired self-driving car business Mobileye to develop the service whose development will commence in early 2019 and roll out...

  • Mobileye logo
    Mobileye self-driving car runs red light during public demo

    Companies continue to race at lightspeed to bring self-driving cars to market, but along the way, the robo cars have had their fair share of incidents. The latest error occurred in Jerusalem. While Mobileye showed off its latest self-driving car prototype, the vehicle ran a red light during a press...

  • BMW and Intel launch first self-driving test cars
    FCA joins BMW, Mobileye, and Intel's self-driving car alliance

    Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles has signed a memorandum of understanding to become the first automaker to join BMW, Intel, and Mobileye's alliance to develop a dedicated self-driving car platform, the automakers announced Wednesday. Intel and BMW began work on a self-driving car platform last year and...

  • Mobileye logo
    Intel to buy Mobileye in $15.3B deal

    Intel on Monday agreed to pay $15.3 billion to Mobileye, a leading supplier of driver assistance and self-driving technology. Mobileye’s claim to fame is its EyeQ technology which uses proprietary image recognition software to help self-driving cars see the world, and the company is already a...

  • HERE HD Live Map
    HERE and Mobileye join forces to create highly-detailed maps for self-driving cars

    A cloud-based database of highly-detailed maps updated in real time will be essential for self-driving cars, as they can provide information on traffic and road conditions far beyond a car's onboard sensors. Two of the leading firms developing such maps have now joined forces to help accelerate the...

  • Tesla Autopilot suite of features  -  with version 7.0 update

    Technology firm Mobileye, which worked closely with Tesla Motors [NSDQ:TSLA] to develop the semi-autonomous Autopilot system that debuted on the Model S, has confirmed its partnership with the automaker is over. The information was confirmed by Mobileye co-founder Amnon Shashua during a conference call on Tuesday discussing the company’s second-quarter financial results. ALSO SEE: Mercedes beats Tesla to electric truck Shashua said Mobileye won’t be offering the next-generation version of its EyeQ system to Tesla but will continue to support the existing system used by the...

  • BMW Vision Next 100 concept
    Fully autonomous BMW coming in 2021

    BMW on Friday announced a partnership with Intel and Mobileye to help spur the development of autonomous driving technology. Intel is a leader when it comes to artificial intelligence while Mobileye is a developer of monitoring systems autonomous technology relies on. Mobileye supplies monitoring...

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