Polestar has teamed up with Intel-owned Mobileye to deliver limited self-driving capability in its cars.

The Swedish performance EV brand on Friday announced that its Polestar 4 compact crossover will be equipped with Mobileye's SuperVision automated driver-assist system and eventually a more advanced system known as the Chauffeur.

SuperVision will be fitted to the Polestar 4 from the start of sales. The system can currently handle a variety of road and traffic situations in hands-free mode but requires the driver to monitor the road at all times and be ready to take action if necessary. This means it still ranks at Level 2 on the SAE scale of self-driving capability.

Specific functions of SuperVision include the ability for a car to follow a navigation route selected by the driver, change lanes, and pass slower moving vehicles on multi-lane roads. SuperVision can also handle certain parking situations.

Level 3 is the first level where the driver is freed from monitoring the road, though only for brief moments. Level 4 is the first level where the driver can avoid monitoring the road for extended periods, though only within set conditions. Level 5 is the ultimate goal. It means a system that can equal the performance of a human driver.

Polestar said its 4 crossover will be fitted with the more advanced Chauffeur system in “the coming years.” This system will offer eyes-off driving on highways, though Polestar didn't say in what conditions. Mercedes-Benz already offers a Level 3 system for highways known as Drive Pilot, though it only functions in specific regions and within set speed bands.

Fellow Zhejiang Geely brand Zeekr is also working with Mobileye on automated driver-assist technology. Some Volkswagen Group brands also plan to implement Mobileye's technology, including Porsche.

2025 Polestar 4

2025 Polestar 4

The Polestar 4 will be built in China and start sales there later this year. It's due in the U.S. next year as a 2025 model, and Polestar previously hinted at a starting price of around $60,000.

Polestar said the 3 mid-size SUV that's also due next year won't feature Mobileye's driver-assist technology as the 3 is based on a different platform than the 4. However, Polestar said it plans to eventually add Mobileye's technology to more of its vehicles.

“We know that driving yourself is not always fun and exciting—this technology means our customers could enable autonomous driving when they want, making all future journeys enjoyable,” Thomas Ingenlath, Polestar's CEO, said in a statement.