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  • 1980 Morris Marina 1700HL onto which Jeremy Clarkson dropped a piano from a crane

    Fans of the original "Top Gear" cast may vaguely recall an incident from a promotion for their new Amazon show in which Jeremy Clarkson dropped on a piano from a crane onto a small black sedan. You likely forgot the sedan, but remembered the piano. And the results. The hapless British car was actually a 1980 Morris Marina, and through an unusual chain of circumstances, it's now for sale midway through a restoration. The hard parts have been done: The entire roof, or what was left of it, was sliced off and replaced with the roof from another Marina, one that had not had a piano dropped on it...

  • James May and the 2016 Ferrari 488 GTB
    James May Drives The Ferrari 488 GTB: Video

    Though he’s no longer working on new episodes of Top Gear, James May is keeping himself busy with other tasks, one of which was driving the new Ferrari 488 GTB and posting his thoughts in a review for The Sunday Times. May has owned a couple of Ferraris in the past and he’s quick to...

  • Top Gear - Season 17
    'Top Gear's' Hammond And May Respond to Clarkson's Dismissal

    The BBC will continue Top Gear, but Hammond and May probably won't return.

  • Top Gear season 16
    Video: Top Gear Returns For Season 16

    The lads are back for yet another season of all out hilarity on four wheels, this time with a brand new Stig and plenty of new antics. Some of the goodies we can expect include a comparison between two classic supercars, the Ferrari F40 and Porsche 959, a test of the new Rolls-Royce Ghost as well...

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