• bmw voice command 2009 010

    Space movies, futuristic cars and even cartoons have all touted the glories of voice command systems, but those that have dealt with the majority of present-day technology understand its limiting and often frustrating nature. But BMW hopes to have overcome those hurdles with its latest system, which it will be rolling out to all of its models starting later this year. Unlike other units that step the driver's input through a series of painfully long and intricate treed menus, BMW claims that with the new voice command interface, one single voice command is sufficient to completely transmit...

  • 2010 BMW Z4 Roadster
    BMW Z4 Roadster priced from $46,575 in U.S.

    BMW’s striking new Z4 Roadster is set to arrive in showrooms across the U.S. in the following months and in the lead up to its entrance pricing for the entire range, including all options and accessories, has been revealed. The new car will be sold as a 2010 model and will be available in...

  • 2010 bmw z4 roadster 016
    Video: Behind the scenes prototyping BMW's new Z4

    Developing an all-new iteration of a beloved car is no easy feat. Improving on the existing strengths while introducing as few new weaknesses as possible and at the same time improving value and performance is as tough a balancing act as you're likely to find. But BMW thinks it's done the job with...

  • 2010 BMW Z4 Roadster
    BMW unveils 2010 Z4 Roadster ahead of Detroit Auto Show Debut

    BMW has released the first details and images for its all-new Z4 Roadster, which is set to make its debut next month at the 2009 Detroit Auto Show before going on sale in the following months. The design of the new Z4 comes out through classic details interpreted in a very modern style, highlighted...

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