• Jay Leno interviews Lee Iacocca

    Lee Iacocca's relevance to the auto industry is gone, despite the role he once played. So, too, has his unique limited edition 45th anniversary Mustang faded from the scene with the new 5.0's arrival, but this video sidesteps relevance and goes straight to interesting, and, at a few points, cool. After reminiscing a bit about the past, Lee and Jay get to the topic at hand, Lee Iacocca's personal example of the limited edition pony car that bears his name. A walkaround of the car's details ensues, where we learn the same company that fabricated the body for Jay's EcoJet does the Iacocca...

  • Lee Iacocca's 45th Anniversary Edition Mustang Up For Auction

    Lee Iacocca, one of the automotive industry's most legendary figures, worked with Metal Crafters in 2009 to create the Lee Iacocca Silver 45th Anniversary Edition Mustang. Only 45 of these cars were built, and Iacocca had one--number 19 of 45--built for himself. Iacocca has put that car up for...

  • Lee Iacocca's Personal 45th Anniversary Mustang Up For Charity Auction

    Two years ago the Lee Iacocca special-edition of the 45th Anniversary Mustang hit the streets, and the first example raised $125,000 for charity. Now Iacocca's selling his personal ride for another benefit. The winning bidder will not only get the father of the Mustang's personal chariot, but lunch...

  • Iacocca Silver 45th Anniversary Mustang Pricing Starts At $89,950

    We can confirm that the stunning Iacocca Silver 45th Anniversary Edition Ford Mustang will be priced from $89,950.

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