Dual Clutch

  • 2013 Dodge Dart

    The 2013 Dodge Dart is one of the most eagerly anticipated models of the new model year—not just because it’s the first model to be developed under pooled Fiat and Chrysler engineering resources, but because it represents a return to form for Dodge compact cars. That said, the Dart is no one-size-fits all compact sedan. With three different engines and three different transmissions offered—split over five different trims (SE, SXT, Rallye, Limited, and R/T)—it’s aimed to fit the needs of everyone from frugal small-car shoppers to those wanting an upscale compact...

  • Honda Fit EV shown at Los Angeles Auto Show, Nov 2011
    Honda Turns On The Tech At 2011 Tokyo Motor Show

    Not to be outdone by its fellow carmakers at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show that opened Wednesday, Honda is putting its faith in three high-tech features in its future models. Demonstrated with the Fit EV and SH-AWD test vehicles, Honda has shown a reinvention of regenerative braking, introduced a...

  • 2012 Mazda MAZDA3 with SkyActiv
    Mazda Rejects DSGs, Redefines Automatic Transmissions Instead

    According to Mazda, conventional hydraulic automatic transmissions—especially with a smart engineering rethink—are better than CVT or DSG units

  • 2012 Volkswagen Beetle
    2012 Volkswagen Beetle Getting Black Turbo And White Turbo Launch Editions

    We were impressed with it at its official unveiling at the 2011 New York Auto Show, and then again when pricing was announced, now Volkswagen has revealed that its chic new Beetle will be arriving on our shores with two new special editions. The 2012 Volkswagen Beetle will feature three different...

  • Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4
    Lamborghini Killing Manual Transmissions, But Who Cares?

    We don't bemoan the loss of Lamborghini's love for manual transmissions, because they're just so un-Lamborghini to begin with.

  • 2012 Volkswagen Beetle
    2012 Volkswagen Beetle Priced From $19,765

    The 2012 Volkswagen Beetle was undoubtedly one of the stars of the recent 2011 New York Auto Show but interested buyers will have to anxiously wait several more months as the cutesy coupe isn’t scheduled to go on sale until October. We can now confirm what sticker price the car will where...

  • 2012 Audi A6 all-LED headlights

    One of the benefits of the rapid pace of technological advancement is that economies of scale are achieved relatively easily. Sounds boring, but this means that the high-technologies of a few years ago have already found themselves in much more affordable cars. Once this meant heated rear screens and power steering, but today it includes everything from dual-clutch transmissions and lightweight construction materials. Here's our seven-point rundown of the highest tech in the cheapest cars. Torque-vectoring AWD: Nissan Juke, from $21,070 Torque vectoring all-wheel drive is instrumental in...

  • Audi R8 with possible dual clutch transmission spy shots
    Audi R8 With New Dual Clutch Transmission Spy Shots

    Since the unveiling of the Audi R8 back in late 2006 the iconic supercar has undergone few major changes apart from the introduction of a V-10 model in addition to the original V-8, as well as a drop-top Spyder, which comes with either engine. That doesn’t mean the car is without its...

  • 2012 Volkswagen Beetle
    2012 Volkswagen Beetle: New, Retro, Tech-Laden

    The Volkswagen New Beetle has had a good life - launched in 1998, it's carried on for the past thirteen years virtually unchanged. Okay, so that's not quite as impressive as the original, known variously as the Volkswagen, Type 1, Beetle, Bug, Käfer and many more names throughout the world...

  • Fiat six-speed dual clutch transmission
    Fiat Group Dual Clutch Transmission Set For U.S. Market Deployment

    While its bigger models will benefit from fuel saving eight-speed automatic transmissions, Chrysler’s smaller car portfolio will get a range of more advanced dual clutch transmissions that offer even better efficiency. Thanks to parent company Fiat and its own ‘C635’ six-speed dry...

  • Bentley gearknob
    Bentley To Adopt Audi S tronic Dual Clutch Transmission

    We already know that Bentley and Audi will share a newly developed 4.0-liter V-8 engine that will debut towards the end of the year in the recently facelifted 2011 Bentley Continental GT and eventually appear in some performance models from Audi. But what we didn’t know is that the S tronic...

  • Audi TT RS
    7-Speed Dual Clutch S tronic Gearbox Added To Audi TT RS Range

    The hottest of Audi's TT lineup will be making its way to the U.S. late next year and fans who prefer the convenience and fuel efficiency benefits of a dual clutch transmission can rest assure their needs will be catered to. Audi has announced today that the TT RS range, which includes both a Coupe...

  • 2011 Mercedes-Benz SL Class 2-door Roadster 6.0L AMG Grille

    Yes, you read that title correctly. According to latest reports coming out of the UK Mercedes-Benz is looking to one-up the competition with the release of a nine-speed automatic gearbox. The automaker is reportedly in the process of designing the new gearbox, which it plans to use for its large-capacity engines. The information comes from a senior source at Mercedes-Benz who revealed to Autocar that the new gearbox design will offer significant improvements to fuel economy and CO2 emissions. Closest rivals Audi, BMW and Lexus already use eight-speed gearboxes, and some even have faster...

  • Ford PowerShift dual clutch transmission
    Ford Starts Production Of PowerShift Dual Clutch Transmission, Debuts In New Fiesta

    In the never-ending pursuit of efficiency, performance and smooth power delivery, the next step forward for many automakers is the adoption of the dual clutch transmission. Once the province of high-end performance cars, dual clutch transmissions have been finding their way into everyday vehicles...

  • Ford Scorpion 6.7-liter V-8 Turbodiesel
    Ford Unveiling Nine New Engines And Six Transmissions In Detroit

    Ford will be introducing nine new or upgraded engines and six new transmissions in North America over the course of the year, the latest phase of a five-year effort to overhaul its entire global powertrain portfolio. The new powertrain pieces will be on show at this week’s 2010 Detroit Auto...

  • Fiat 1.4-Liter Four-Cylnder Engine
    Chrysler Releases Specs On Fiat Four-Cylinder, New Pentastar V-6

    Chrysler is revamping its powertrain lineup with technology the automaker claims will help contribute to an overall fuel-efficiency improvement of more than 25% during the 2010-2014 period. In fact, by 2014, more than 80% of Chrysler’s current powertrain lineup will undergo a complete...

  • Lotus dual-clutch transmission patent
    Lotus Files Patent For Lightweight Dual-Clutch Transmission

    Lotus has filed a new patent application for a lightweight dual-clutch transmission design, suggesting that the British sports car manufacturer is planning to offer the quick-shifting gearbox in its future models. In line with the company’s ‘performance through less weight’...

  • Honda dual-clutch gearbox
    Honda Develops Dual-Clutch Gearbox, But There’s A Catch

    The dual-clutch gearbox will first appear on a large-displacement sport bike in Europe and North America next year.

  • Audi S tronic dual-clutch gearbox

    About 10,300 Audis and 43,000 Volkswagens from the 2007-2009 model years are affected.

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