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  • 964 Porsche 911 given a vintage look by DP Motorsport

    DP Motorsport has already blown us away with its updated take on the Porsche 935. Now, the German tuner is back with another Porsche that melds classic cool looks with modern upgrades and it's called the Speedy Irishman. The name comes from the paint color, which is called Irish Green. It's a classic Porsche color and a beloved hue of the Porsche family. Here, it sits atop the lines of a 964-generation Porsche 911, but DP Motorsport backdated the looks with more historic cues. The body has been widened using panels made from carbon and kevlar. According to Motor1, the updated 911 is now a...

  • Modified Porsche 935 by DP Motorsport
    DP Motorsport ready to build the Porsche 935 track toy of your dreams

    Porsche has a long list of amazing race cars its produced over the years. One of the greatest is the Porsche 935, a turbocharged fire breather built to battle it out for Group 5 supremacy. Now there's a German Porsche tuner building an updated homage; the Porsche 935 DPIII from DP Motorsport. It's...

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