Crash avoidance

  • Bosch working on air jets to stop motorcycle crashes

    Auto industry supplier Bosch is working on some pretty experimental technology to keep motorcyclists safer, and one of the projects involves air jets. Yes, air jets on a motorcycle. Bosch revealed the experimental project last Thursday. It uses a sensor to detect wheel slip. When the motorcycle's wheels begin to slide sideways, due to gravel, rain, or other slick conditions, it loses lateral tire friction and it that can make it difficult for the rider to right the bike. Without enough lateral friction, a crash ensues and the bike spills onto the road. However, the air jets could change this...

  • Mercedes-Benz safety systems simulator, 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show
    Mercedes Safety Systems Simulator At Frankfurt: We "Crashed"

    Modern racing videogames are getting pretty good these days, with handling and graphics capabilities that allow for a pretty realistic driving experience. It's also cheaper than racing for real, not to mention safer - "Life has no 'reset' button", they often say. We were glad of that little detail...

  • Vic Gundotra, SVP for Google
    Google Guru Sings Mercedes Praises (& So Should You)

    Who has the toughest job on Planet Earth? Some would say the president of the United States. Others would point to the thousands of low-paid migrant workers who keep food on our tables. For folks in the tech world, though, the title might go to Vic Gundotra, Google's chief of social networking. And...

  • Impressive crash protection
    Canadian Engineer Develops Cheaper Collision Detection Tech

    Nobody, save for perhaps stunt drivers, likes to crash. Even if you're lucky enough to escape injury, accidents invariably mean months of insurance nightmare, dozens of phone calls to people you dislike conversing with, considerable expense and almost certainly time off the road. General consensus...

  • BMW future technology
    Early Look At BMW’s Future In Car Technology

    The luxury makes tend to be the greatest innovators of technology in the automotive field, often pioneering the latest safety and comfort features in new cars. BMW has had its fair share of technology firsts and now the automaker is on track to carry on that tradition with a number of new features...

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