Bugatti Royale

  • Bugatti Divo

    Now that it is no longer chasing the production car speed crown, there are whispers Bugatti will add a more comfortable, more practical model to its lineup. It may even be a battery-powered model, Bugatti CEO Stephan Winkelmann suggested in a March 6 interview with Bloomberg. “There, I would see us doing a battery-electric vehicle,” Winkelmann said when quizzed about a second model to join the current Chiron hypercar. “There, the balance between performance and comfort is much more important, and it’s about daily usability. This is what I see.” The sleuths at CAR...

  • 1932 Bugatti Royale (Type 41)
    Now there are seven (or maybe nine): Bugatti Royale prototype re-created

    The Bugatti Type 41, better known as the Royale, was intended to be the biggest, most luxurious, most expensive car in the world. It was to be sold only to royalty. Launched into the teeth of the Great Depression, just six of a planned 25 were built. None of the original six has changed hands since...

  • 1931 Bugatti Royale replica
    Someone Paid $150k For This Carbon Fiber-Bodied Bugatti Royale Replica

    Bugatti’s Royale first introduced in 1927 remains to this day one of the biggest cars ever produced. It measured in at close to 21 feet in length and had a curb weight of 7,000 pounds, with Bugatti envisaging it as a car for royal parades—hence the name—and other similar...

  • 1932 Bugatti Royale (Type 41)
    Original Bugatti Royale Makes Public Appearance, Is A Modern Version Next?

    One of the surprises of last weekend’s 2013 Goodwood Festival of Speed was this 1932 Bugatti Royale. Bugatti rolled out the rare auto (only six were ever built) to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Goodwood Festival of Speed, presenting it to visitors at the Cartier Style et Luxe concours...

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