• Rufus Blacklock's F1 car evolution infographic

    Formula One cars of 2012 have precious little in common with Formula One cars of 1950. Aside from the open wheel and open cockpit designs that form the backbone of the sport, everything from construction materials through engine position and steering wheel design has changed over the past 62 years. There are plenty of side-by-side Formula One comparisons to be found on the net, but we don’t recall ever seeing one as elegant as the video above, created by animator Rufus Blacklock. In under sixty seconds, it shows you the evolution of the modern F1 car, from 1950 to 2012. Cars from each...

  • Ferrari FF plays in the snow
    Video: Ferrari FF Four-Wheel Drive System Explained

    The new Ferrari FF may not be to everyone’s liking but like most models from the Prancing Horse, it’s not only a technical marvel but also one of the fastest cars on the planet. With its latest supercar, Ferrari has introduced a controversial ‘shooting brake’ hatchback...

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