Mercedes-Benz provided a glimpse of its next-generation compact range during a presentation on Sunday night outlining its showcase for this week's 2023 Munich auto show.

A teaser photo depicting a four-vehicle lineup was briefly shown, with only one vehicle, the Concept CLA-Class, which debuted on Monday in Munich and previews the redesigned CLA-Class, highlighted.

The other three shadowy vehicles include redesigned versions of the CLA-Class Shooting Brake, GLB-Class, and GLA-Class.

Noticeably missing are redesigned versions of the A-Class, A-Class hatchback, and B-Class. Mercedes has decided to drop those models as part of its strategy to focus on higher-margin vehicles.

Mercedes-Benz Concept CLA-Class

Mercedes-Benz Concept CLA-Class

The redesigned CLA-Class will be the first to arrive. It makes its debut in late 2024, likely as a 2025 model, and has already been spotted in prototype form.

The vehicles will all be based on a new modular platform known as the MMA. Though designed primarily for electric powertrains, the platform will be Mercedes' last to also include support for gas engines. The platform is expected to be used for all next-generation Mercedes models ranging up to and including the C-Class segment. Above this, Mercedes will have the MB.EA platform for medium and large models, the AMG.EA for high-performance models from AMG, and the Van.EA for light commercial vehicles. All of these future platforms will be electric only.

The Concept CLA-Class points to specifications for EVs based on the MMA platform. The concept features a range of around 350 miles and the ability to add well over 100 miles with less than 15 minutes of charging thanks to an 800-volt electrical system.

The MMA platform will also see the introduction of Mercedes' own operating system, dubbed MB.OS. The system will have its own infotainment and navigation systems but will support popular alternatives such as Google Maps or the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto phone-mirroring systems.