Bentley will cease production of its venerable W-12 engine in April 2024, with the limited-edition Batur coupe confirmed as the last model to feature the engine.

However, until then you can still order a Bentley with the engine, including new Speed Edition 12 models that feature design elements celebrating the engine.

Revealed this week, there is a Speed Edition 12 version for each of the Bentayga, Continental GT, Continental GT convertible, and Flying Spur model lines, with production of each of the four versions limited to 120 examples worldwide.

As the name suggests, the Speed Edition 12 models are based on Bentley's Speed grade, and the output of their turbocharged 6.0-liter W-12 engines is boosted to 650 hp.

The cars come with multiple design enhancements, including unique badging, a numbered engine plaque, and a dashboard with the W-12's firing sequence etched alongside an inlaid “Edition 12” badge.

Buyers have their choice of exterior color, including a new color developed for the car called Opalite. It's described as a blend of gray and green and has a subtle copper effect that can be seen in bright sunshine. All of the cars come with the Blackline package that darkens the exterior chrome, in addition to 22-inch wheels and silver brake calipers.

Each of the cars also comes with a scale model of the W-12's block, cast out of aluminum taken from an actual W-12 engine.

Bentley first introduced the W-12 in 2003 with the Continental GT and by the time production comes to an end, Bentley estimates that more than 105,000 examples will have been built. Bentley hasn't said what powertrain will replace the W-12, though rumors point to a new plug-in hybrid setup featuring a turbocharged V-8 as the internal-combustion component.