Buoyed by the success of 2020's Bacalar convertible, which has nearly completed its 12-car production run, Bentley has now introduced its next bespoke project, a coupe that goes by the name Batur.

Unveiled late on Saturday during 2022 Monterey Car Week, the Batur is a large grand touring coupe based on the bones of the Continental GT Speed, and it serves as a bridge between Bentley's internal-combustion past and electric future.

The name comes from Bali's Lake Batur (the Bacalar was named after a Mexican lagoon), and under the hood sits Bentley's familiar twin-turbo 6.0-liter W-12. The engine in this application is tuned to deliver 730 hp and 740 lb-ft of torque, which is the highest output of any road-going Bentley. Bentley plans to phase out the W-12 in the coming years, and the Batur is a sort of celebration of the engine.

Being based on the Conti GT Speed, there's also a sport-tuned chassis consisting of a four-corner air suspension, four-wheel steering, an electronic anti-roll system, and a limited-slip differential.

Beyond serving as a sendoff for the W-12, the Batur also previews the design language pegged for upcoming electric vehicles from Bentley, the first of which is due to be revealed in 2025. Bentley describes the new look as consisting of classic features reinterpreted into minimalist but bolder forms.

The grille sits lower and more upright, while the lights at both ends are slimmer than is usual on a Bentley. There's a lot less of the flashy chrome that normally adorns modern Bentleys. Instead, there are new aerodynamic features, made from carbon fiber and in some cases sustainable natural fibers, such as flax.

Bentley Batur by Mulliner

Bentley Batur by Mulliner

Inside, there's seating for two, and here too the design has been developed with sustainability in mind. For example, the leather is sourced from areas close to Bentley's plant in the U.K., like Scotland, instead of from Italy. The carpet is also made from recycled materials, and natural fiber is used again for some of the surfaces instead of carbon. For accents, customers will be able to choose from materials such as titanium and gold.

Andreas Mindt, who joined Bentley as its new design chief in early 2021, is responsible for the design. Mindt was also the designer of 1999's stunning Bentley Hunaudières concept, so the brand's design evolution is in good hands.

Production of the Batur will be handled by Bentley's Mulliner in-house coachbuilder, and customers will be able to specify the color and finish of pretty much every surface of the vehicle. Just 18 examples are planned, with pricing starting at 1.65 million British pounds (approximately $1.95 million). The start of deliveries is scheduled for mid-2023.