The Lordstown Endurance, an electric full-size pickup truck with in-wheel motors, is back in production after things came to a halt in February.

The EV startup on Tuesday said the Endurance resumed production and customer deliveries in April, and said the pace is expected to remain “very low.” It didn't say for how long.

Lordstown made the announcement while also announcing a deal with Amerit Fleet Solutions for servicing and warranties for the Endurance and future vehicles.

Lordstown originally ceased production and followed with a voluntary recall after it discovered that a specific electric connection in the Endurance could result in a loss of power while driving.

Lordstown Endurance

Lordstown Endurance

At the time, the company said only 31 examples had been built since the start of production last fall, and that 19 examples needed to be recalled. Some of those recalled trucks were being used internally while some had already been delivered to customers.

Production takes place at a plant in Lordstown, Ohio, which is owned and operated by Foxconn, the Taiwanese contract manufacturer famous for building iPhones for Apple. Foxconn acquired the plant from Lordstown in 2021 after Lordstown suffered a cash crunch. Lordstown originally acquired the plant from General Motors in 2019.

The Endurance has 550 hp and an estimated range of 200 miles. It is priced from about $65,000.

The range isn't impressive considering rivals are promising double that figure. However, Lordstown is already working on a new vehicle. The company in March said it is working with Foxconn to develop a new commercial vehicle based on a next-generation platform.