It may have a "Ducati" script on its tank, but this motorcycle is actually a $500,000 custom build from Austin-based Revival Cycles.

Known as the Fuse, the bike recently appeared on an episode of "Jay Leno's Garage," in which its owner Edward Boyd and Revival Cycles founder Alan Stulberg explained what went into its creation.

While it ended up as a Ducati, the Fuse had very different origins. Boyd originally wanted to use a Yamaha Virago as a base, Stulberg explained. But based on his wants, Stulberg decided starting over with a Ducati engine would be easier.

Revival Cycles Fuse Ducati on Jay Leno's Garage

Revival Cycles Fuse Ducati on Jay Leno's Garage


Said motor was an 1,100-cc V-Twin from a mid-2000s Ducati Monster purchased on eBay. The rest of the bike was built around that. Everything else is aftermarket or fabricated, including the custom-built frame, which bears no resemblance to any stock Ducati frame.

Like many factory Ducati bikes, the engine is a stressed member of the frame. Such a design helps to save weight, with the bike weighing about 400 pounds all up. That's impressive as the bike was purposely over-engineered in many areas, Boyd noted.

The frame isn't the only custom-made component. The brake calipers and swing arm were made specifically for the Fuse as well, along with the triple-clamp element that holds the front forks on. Made from a solid block of aluminum, it also hides wiring for a cleaner look. And instead of bending the exhaust tubing, Stulberg opted for individually-welded sections to emphasize the hand-made nature of the bike. 

Before any metal was cut, the entire bike was designed using CAD over a period of about two years, Boyd said. He wanted to use the project to learn about motorcycle design, but he was also to help with getting components made using his experience with prototyping at Dell.

Stulberg didn't disclose a price for all of this custom work, but said the cost of duplicating the Fuse would be too high even for Leno.

Watch the full video for more details on this unique bike, and to see it hit the streets of Los Angeles.