Lamborghini has been spotted testing a successor to the Aventador, a car that will introduce a new V-12 engine paired with plug-in hybrid technology.

It means the Aventador is the last V-12 Lamborghini sans electrification, and the last of the Aventadors is a special model known as the Aventador Ultimae.

The Aventador Ultimae was unveiled last summer, in both coupe and convertible guises. The last coupe example is still available, though you'll probably have to pay much more than MSRP for it.

Lamborghini is putting the car up for auction, together with a non-fungible token called the Lamborghini Ultimate. Apparently the NFT will provide its owner with various benefits like online access to reveals of future Lamborghini special editions, a private tour of Lamborghini's museum, and a virtual meeting with artists Steve Aoki and Krista Kim, who collaborated on the NFT and also helped design the final Aventador Ultimae coupe.

Aoki, a DJ, was tasked with creating an exclusive soundtrack for the NFT, while Kim, a digital artist, was tasked with creating visuals for it.

“Lamborghini and the NFT community fit together very well, as we share many values,” Stephan Winkelmann, Lamborghini's CEO, said in a statement. “We are both young-spirited innovators, looking out for unexpected projects and technological solutions.”

The car and its associated NFT will be sold during an RM Sotheby’s auction on April 19.

The Aventador Ultimae is powered by Lamborghini's familiar 6.5-liter V-12, tuned in this application to deliver 769 hp and 531 lb-ft of torque via tweaks to the valve timing. The peak power is the highest of any Aventador road car and arrives at a screaming 8,500 rpm. Note, even though Lamborghini is moving to electrified powertrains, and eventually full-electric powertrains, the automaker hasn't ruled out offering down the road some track-only cars powered solely by an internal-combustion engine. We've already seen this with stuff like 2020's Essenza SCV12.