Toyota late last year shocked the automotive world by confirming plans to launch 30 electric vehicles by 2030, many of which will wear a Lexus badge.

Among the EVs confirmed for Lexus were an LFA-inspired supercar, an upcoming RZ crossover, a large SUV, and a sport sedan with related convertible and wagon variants.

We got a preview of the vehicles with the reveal of some thinly veiled concept versions, and Lexus has now released new photos that provide us with a better look at the impressive designs.

The star of the show is the Electrified Sport, a low-slung supercar powered by a solid-state battery and capable of 0-60 mph acceleration in the low 2.0 seconds, according to Lexus. The range is quoted at more than 400 miles, though this is likely based on the more lenient cycle used in Japan. Expect a figure closer to 300 miles when using the EPA test cycle.

2023 Lexus RZ

2023 Lexus RZ

The first of Lexus' future electric lineup to reach showrooms will be a small crossover called the RZ. It rides on the same e-TNGA platform found in the 2023 Toyota BZ4X and 2023 Subaru Solterra, and is due in showrooms later this year as a 2023 model, initially in a RZ 450e grade. This model will likely serve as an electric alternative to the NX.

While the RZ only features two rows, another SUV referred to as the Electrified SUV looks big enough to feature three rows. This model should serve as an electric alternative to the RX.

Finally, there's also the Electrified Sedan, which looks like it could be an electric alternative to the IS. The design is very sleek and almost coupe-like in appearance, though there are clearly four doors. Interestingly, Lexus has teased additional variants of this model. They include a 2+2 convertible and a pair of wagons.

Unfortunately, we still don't have specific timing for the EVs, apart from the RZ.