Bollinger has already developed a platform designed for electric trucks with a Class 3 rating, but the company plans to go even bigger.

Bollinger on Thursday announced the new Commercial Platform designed for electric trucks rated between Class 3 and Class 6, meaning it can support gross vehicle weight ratings (GVRW) of between 10,000 and 26,000 pounds.

Unlike its original Class 3 platform, the Chass-E, which Bollinger will offer with its own B1 SUV and B2 pickup truck bodies, Bollinger has teamed up with EAVX, a division of transport company JB Poindexter & Co., to develop bodies for the Commercial Platform. EAVX is also working with rival EV startup Atlis and its XP electric truck platform.

“Working with EAVX will allow us to offer our innovative all-electric solutions to a broader market of commercial customers and accelerate EV adoption across the country,” Robert Bollinger, CEO and founder of Bollinger, said in a statement.

Bollinger Commercial Platform (Class 3-6)

Bollinger Commercial Platform (Class 3-6)

The Commercial Platform will be available with a range of battery options to suit various payloads, though specific details haven't been announced. For the Chass-E platform, which starts at $55,000, Bollinger plans to offer batteries with capacities ranging from 105 to 140 kilowatt-hours.

Deliveries of the Chass-E platform are slated for 2022. Bollinger hasn't said when its Commercial Platform will be available.

Note that Bollinger hasn't produced any vehicles yet; it previously said B1 and B2 production would start in late 2020, with customer deliveries in 2021. The company is yet to announce an updated production timeline for the vehicles.

The company has also shown an electric delivery van, dubbed the Deliver-E. The company previously said the van would enter production in 2022.