As Nissan Skyline GT-R values continue to soar, the automaker's Nismo performance division has launched a factory restoration program. This Nismo-produced video shows an R32 Skyline GT-R going through the process.

The comprehensive restoration process involves stripping the car down to its bare body shell. The shell is then checked for damaged, given an anti-rust coating, and repainted. Every other component is also inspected and tested, and replaced with a reproduction part if necessary.

While Nissan has a line of official replacement parts for the R32, R33, and R34 GT-R, original interior fabrics can't be replaced due to changes in flame retardant standards. Nismo restorers can clean the original material for reuse, or replace it with fabric used in the current R35 GT-R.

R32 Nissan Skyline GT-R undergoing Nismo restoration

R32 Nissan Skyline GT-R undergoing Nismo restoration

Once the car is reassembled, it's tested on the dyno and on the track. Completed cars get a build plate showing they've been restored, and a one-year, 20,000-kilometer (12,427-mile) warranty. All work is done at Nismo's main facility in Yokohama, Japan. A full restoration can take up to a year, according to the automaker.

The cost of all that is 45 million yen (about $414,000 at current exchange rates), and that's not including the cost of the actual car. Nismo does have options for GT-R owners with smaller budgets, though. Instead of a complete restoration, Nismo can just focus on one area, such as the powertrain or interior. Alternatively, Nismo also offers an upgrade service that can for example, turn a standard GT-R into a V-Spec or V-Spec II Nur. However, that's dependent on parts availability.

With the R32 GT-R now eligible for import into North America, and so many cars heavily modified by tuners, values of original cars are likely to continue rising. As with other automakers' factory restoration programs, Nissan's GT-R restorations monetize the company's heritage, but also keep more classics on the road.