Ferrari has a hardcore version of its 812 Superfast coming as a likely sendoff for the model line, similar to how the automaker launched the F12 tdf at the end of the F12 Berlinetta's run.

Previously thought to be reviving Ferrari's storied “GTO” badge, Enrico Galliera, Ferrari's chief marketing officer, has now appeared in a video where he referred to the car as the “812 Versione Speciale,” which is Italian for “812 Special Version.”

The video was released on Thursday to coincide with Ferrari founder Enzo Ferrari's birthday, and was only sent out to those customers offered a chance at a build slot. It has since been uploaded to the Instagram account rosso812.

A debut of the 812 Versione Speciale is expected shortly, perhaps as soon as February 22. Prototypes hint at the car coming with a new front fascia with larger intakes than found on the regular 812, as well as new rear fascia with a large diffuser and additional vents.

The car should also boast chassis upgrades coupled with a more powerful version of the 789-hp 6.5-liter V-12 found in the regular 812. Interestingly, there are rumors the 812 Versione Speciale could be the last V-12-powered Ferrari without electrification or turbocharging, which would make it quite the collectable.

The hardcore 812 isn't the only new Ferrari coming up shortly. A new V-6-powered model is rumored to appear later this year and the Purosangue SUV is also coming either late this year or early next. The automaker is also thought to be out testing early mules for a LaFerrari successor.