Nissan on Wednesday filed a $91 million lawsuit in Japan against former Chairman Carlos Ghosn.

The automaker is seeking to recover damages for what it claims were the “result of years of misconduct and fraudulent activity” perpetrated by Ghosn.

Some of the damages are for fines Nissan expects to pay to regulators due to Ghosn's alleged misconduct, Reuters reported on Wednesday.

Ghosn is currently in Lebanon, the country he fled to in December while awaiting trial in Japan. The trial was for a number of fraud-related charges that Ghosn was arrested over back in 2018.

The charges include misreporting income to financial regulators, transferring personal losses onto Nissan's corporate books, and transferring corporate funds for personal use.

In a video released last April, Ghosn claimed his innocence and described the whole ordeal as a “conspiracy” against him. Rumors have swirled that Nissan executives potentially set Ghosn up for failure as he proposed merging Renault and Nissan, which would have cost Nissan some of its autonomy.

The lawsuit came a day before Nissan announced its 2019 fourth-quarter financial results, which included a loss of $237 million and was the automaker's first quarterly loss since 2009. Nissan's sales have been suffering, particularly in the United States, its biggest market. Its 2019 sales tally for the U.S. came in at 1,345,681 units, which was down 9.9 percent on the previous year. Nissan now predicts that it will sell 5.05 million vehicles worldwide in 2020, which is down 4 percent on a previous forecast.

Update: This article has been updated to include Nissan's 2019 fourth-quarter financial results.