The Lancia Delta Integrale was a sensational hot hatchback in its day, with a series of successes in the World Rally Championship. Mopar has announced that it will offer heritage parts for those restoring or maintaining the Delta Integrale and the Integrale Evoluzione.

The first parts to be available will be front and rear bumpers.

With Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Heritage, Mopar will produce new parts using the original equipment from the San Beningo production plant.

Lancia Delta Integrale

Lancia Delta Integrale

“Unlike alternative options, which include using rarely available original parts or fiberglass copies, the heritage parts range uses the original materials to produce Lancia Delta Integrale front and rear bumpers,” Mopar notes in its announcement of the launch of the program.

“The bumpers are created through the use of four pieces of original equipment that were found abandoned at the San Benigno plant. Having undertaken extensive maintenance to check all moving parts and electric and hydraulic circuits, the equipment is now used as the standard molding process for the bumpers.”

The bumpers will be delivered in Lancia Classiche packaging and are priced at £1,170 for the front bumper and £1,035 for the rear.

Additional parts are expected to be added as the program continues.

This article, written by Larry Edsall, was originally published on, an editorial partner of Motor Authority.