To celebrate 10 years of the Audi R8's V-10 engine, the brand commissioned artist Fabian Oefner to create a "disintegrating" portrait of the supercar.

If Oefner's name sounds familiar, it's because his work recently made the rounds on the internet when he released the "exploding" Lamborghini Miura in February. The artist disassembles cars to the nuts and bolts and photographs every component. From there, he builds artwork digitally that makes it look as if the car is disintegrating or exploding piece by piece. It's truly miraculous to see. He also uses model cars on occasion to create his masterpieces.

For Audi, Oefner followed a similar format to the Miura. Audi technicians helped disassemble the car, and Oefner photographed every component. Audi calls the work the "slowest piece of art" it ever created. We imagine the process took quite some time to complete.

The "slowest piece of art" ever created quote actually recalls an Audi R8 advertisement the brand created in 2007. The ad, titled "The Slowest Car Audi Ever Built," highlighted the meticulous assembly process the R8 underwent. The anniversary celebration video shown above even features the same song found in the 2007 ad.

2019 Audi R8 Decennium edition

2019 Audi R8 Decennium edition

The artwork isn't the only thing Audi planned for the 10-year celebration. The brand also introduced the R8 Decennium special edition, which features a special Daytona Gray matte exterior color paired with bronze accents. Audi previously said it would build 222 examples, though it's unclear how many will come to the United States.

Those who don't have in excess of $250,000 to drop on an R8 Decennium can share in the anniversary celebrations in the video above. Or, if you love the artwork, Audi will sell you a copy for far less than a quarter million dollars.