Art comes in all shapes and forms, and today, many consider classic cars as their own kind of art. Yet, this actual piece of artwork depicts an exploding Lamborghini Miura, a stunning design in its own right, and it's mesmerizing.

Lamborghini published a video describing how the artwork came to life on Wednesday. It's the work of artist Fabian Oefner who decided to begin documenting scale models of the Miura to create the piece of art. The photo depicts nearly every part and component that makes up the classic supercar, right down to the nuts and bolts.

'Disintegrating Miura' by Fabian Oefner

'Disintegrating Miura' by Fabian Oefner

Oefner has done many pieces of art he calls the "disintegrating series" in the past few years. He says in the video the goal is to stop time and have a viewer appreciate what goes into whatever his subject may be. As mentioned, he used scale models to start work on the Miura piece, but his friend just so happened to have a Miura heading to Lamborghini for a full restoration.

His car-collecting friend invited him to visit the restoration site and photograph every single part found in the Miura to help him create a vividly accurate piece of artwork. To that end, he was successful. He describes the process as more "tangible" with the real car, and we see Oefner literally pulled the parts out of the car, strung them up, and took professional photos for the piece of artwork he created. He also jokes it was 44 degrees Celsius (111 degrees Fahrenheit) in the workshop, which made the process literally a process of sweat. No blood mentioned, but maybe some tears, too.

Have a look at the video above and enjoy Oefner's latest creation.