Geely has expanded its brand portfolio with a new addition called the Geometry, a dedicated EV brand that Geely will launch in China this year and eventually take global.

The first model from Geometry was unveiled on Thursday as the A, a small sedan priced from approximately $31,272.

It's designed to compete directly with the Tesla Model 3, and just like the Tesla it has Standard Range and Long Range battery options.

The Geometry A Standard Range features a 51.9-kilowatt-hour battery good for almost 250 miles of range and the Long Range model features a 61.9-kwh battery good for close to 300 miles.

The batteries are lithium-ion units sourced from CATL, a Chinese supplier that's also been tapped by the likes of the BMW Group and Volkswagen Group for their upcoming electric cars. High-speed charging means an 80-percent charge in around 30 minutes is possible in the A.

Both A models feature a single electric motor rated at 161 horsepower and 184 pound-feet of torque, or enough to deliver 0-62 mph acceleration of around 9 seconds.

2019 Geometry A

2019 Geometry A

Underpinning the car is thought to be the CMA (Compact Modular Architecture) platform developed by Geely with its Volvo subsidiary. Volvo uses the platform in the XC40 and fellow Geely brand Polestar uses it in the recently revealed Polestar 2 electric sport sedan. Volvo will also add an electric XC40 later this year.

Geely predicts that two thirds of the Geometry A sedans it builds will eventually be sold outside of China, though the automaker hasn't mentioned any additional markets just yet. And Geely has no intentions to keep Geometry as a niche brand. It is already committed to expanding the lineup to 10 cars by 2025.

In addition, to Geometry, Geely also has Polestar as a dedicated EV brand. It also formed a Chinese-based joint venture with Daimler in March to oversee Smart, which becomes a dedicated EV brand in 2020.