American drivers are all about cheap fuel. When gas prices rise, drivers scowl every time they hook the nozzle into the fuel tank. However, be thankful average drivers don't pay what race teams shell out for proper race gas.

Twitter user hoonable posted a photo of how much it costs IMSA race teams to purchase race fuel for the cars they run. IMSA100 E10 fuel (90 percent gasoline, 10 percent ethanol) for TCR cars costs a whopping $12.90 per gallon or $696.60 for a drum. Bumping up to IMSA E20 for DPi cars sees the price spike to $14.60 per gallon or $788.40 per drum. Keep in mind the majority of the United States is paying well under $3 per gallon right now and it shows how expensive racing fuel is.

Drivers aren't putzing around a track, either. Fuel goes quickly, and hopefully, teams and manufacturers have figured out the best ways to make a full tank last the longest. It's an essential component to racing strategy, after all. The fewer number of times a driver needs to pit for fuel, the longer he or she can hold their position and take a crack at moving through the pack to first place.

Quickly take the price of fuel used and how much it costs to actually run a racing program and it becomes clear motorsport isn't for those with light bank accounts. Previously, we reported Formula 1 teams had to pay at least $546,000 to enter the 2019 season. The price increased for the number of points a team earned in 2018. For example, Ferrari paid $3.6 million to take its latest F1 car racing when the season opens this March. Reigning champion Mercedes-AMG paid $4.8 million.