The Lamborghini Urus aims to be more than a flashy parking lot crawler. The Italian firm wants owners to get the super SUV dirty.

In a video published in January, the brand detailed the Urus' Off-Road Package for buyers who want to go off the beaten path. The package includes a different exterior design with steel reinforcements added to the bumper and brushed steel tailpipes. Lamborghini adds a set of roof rails and stainless steel skid plates as well.

The real party trick is the adjustable ride height. At its highest, the Urus can provide 9.8-inches of ground clearance to improve the approach angle to 27.9 degrees. The standard Urus can tackle terrain with an approach angle of 20.3 degrees. The driver can also flick through six driving modes that cater to different terrains.

2019 Lamborghini Urus, Palm Springs media drive, December, 2018

2019 Lamborghini Urus, Palm Springs media drive, December, 2018

The two modes off-roaders will find most useful are Sabbia and Terra. Sabia maximizes performance in the sand or gravel, while Terra improves the ride as the Urus travels over incredibly rough surfaces. 

To ensure things stay clean, Lamborghini also highlighted the Washing Package to ensure visibility remains 100 percent during off-road excursions. 

The twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V-8 engine makes for a wonderful dance partner in the rugged elements and on the track. In our first drive of the 2019 Urus, we called the SUV an all-around superstar. At a racetrack, another driving mode came in handy: Corsa, which utilizes the 641 horsepower under the hood in the best of ways.

Have a look at the package for yourself in the video above, and to play with creating your own Urus, check out the configurator here.