Aston Martin is in the midst of a revival of fellow historic British brand Lagonda.

The plan is transform the brand into a tech-focused, ultra-luxury alternative to the likes of Bentley and Rolls-Royce, with electric powertrains and self-driving capability to be the hallmarks instead of the somewhat staid concepts of wood, leather hides and burly engines.

The first model out will be an SUV, a preview of which we first received last year in the form of a teaser sketch. And Aston Martin on Wednesday announced that a more tangible taste will come at next month's 2019 Geneva International Motor Show, where the automaker plans to present the Lagonda All-Terrain Concept.

A teaser confirms the All-Terrain Concept shares the bold look of the Lagonda Vision Concept that Aston Martin showed at 2018's Geneva auto show. One of the goals of the design team is to ensure that Lagonda vehicles look like no other on the market, not only to stand out from the crowd but also to reflect the technology they're packing.

Teaser for Lagonda SUV debuting in 2021

Teaser for Lagonda SUV debuting in 2021

A rakish shape is made possible by the vehicle's electric powertrain, which will likely consist of a flat battery pack in the floor and an electric motor or two at each axle. And with self-driving tech on board, the driver's cockpit isn't likely to be the focus of the cabin.

"It will be like no other SUV to drive, so its looks have to reflect that new reality and to serve as pathfinder to a future in which the most desirable and prestigious automobiles still have a place,” Aston Martin design boss Marek Reichman said of the design in 2018.

Aston Martin is committed to launching at least two Lagonda models as part of its much-hyped Second Century plan. The first will be the SUV, due around 2021. The second will be a sedan pegged for a 2023 arrival. A coupe is also possible but not yet in the product pipeline.

We'll have all the details soon as the Geneva auto show starts March 5. In the meantime, learn about some of the other vehicles set to appear at the Swiss show by visiting our dedicated hub.