Next year, 80 2019 Lincoln Continental owners will bring back memories of Lincoln’s 1960s glory days when they open their car’s doors.

That’s because coach doors, more popularly known as suicide doors, will return with the limited edition 2019 Lincoln Continental Coach Door Edition for the first time since 1969

Lincoln made the iconic design’s return official on Monday, and Black Label dealerships across the U.S. can now take customer orders.

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Even with the doors closed, the Coach Door Edition looks like something different. The already large sedan receives a 6-inch stretch, and the electronic-opening rear door handles sit next to the front door handles.

2019 Lincoln Continental Coach Door Edition

2019 Lincoln Continental Coach Door Edition

The look is very different when the rear doors swing open rearward up to 90 degrees for easy ingress and egress.

Inside, the Continental Coach Door Edition has seating for four and a new flow-through center console in the rear seat.

The few who find themselves in the back seat will find more than enough legroom, stowable tray tables with tablet holders, audio and climate system controls on a small digital screen, and a wireless charging pad.

The Coach Door Edition starts life like any other Continental and rolls off the Flat Rock assembly line in Michigan. It’s then sent with a package of parts to be installed, including longer rear doors, to coach-builder Cabot in Boston.

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Cabot slices the Continental in half just aft of the B-pillar and adds 6 inches to the frame to lengthen the Continental’s wheelbase. Once back together, the longer rear-hinged doors and Cabot-built custom flow-through center console are installed.

Each Continental Coach Door Edition will receive a special rear door sill plate with the build number, and a plaque in the rear center console that can be customized for each customer.

2019 Lincoln Continental Coach Door Edition

2019 Lincoln Continental Coach Door Edition

All Continental Coach Door Editions will be powered by a 3.0-liter twin-turbo V-6 with 400 horsepower and 400 pound-feet of torque sent to all four wheels via a 6-speed automatic transmission.

Buyers can choose any Continental Black Label exterior color, but only its Chalet and Thoroughbred interior color schemes are offered on the Coach Edition.

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Only 80 2019 Lincoln Continental Coach Door Editions will be produced, but the special edition will return for the 2020 model year. Quantities will still be limited, but the number has not yet been determined.

Tim Sterling, Lincoln Continental chief engineer, told Motor Authority it would be possible for Lincoln to put the coach doors into mass production, but not on the current Continental’s wheelbase.

The limited edition 2019 Continental Coach Door Edition will cost just north of $100,000. It will roll into dealerships in July 2019.