Jaguar Land Rover via its InMotion Ventures investment fund has backed an electric motorcycle startup by the name of Arc. It's part of the British automaker's goal of delivering excitement in a world of increasing electrification.

“Electric vehicles are pivotal for the future of urban mobility, helping people travel through cities quickly and cleanly as possible,” InMotion Ventures boss Sebastian Peck said. “We want to make sure that we’re not only changing the way people move but delivering unparalleled outdoor experiences while doing so.”

Arc was started by former Jaguar executive Mark Truman and unveiled its first product, an electric motorcycle called the Vector, on Tuesday at the 2018 Milan motorcycle show in Italy.

Instead of a conventional frame, the Vector utilizes a carbon fiber monocoque as its main structure. Carbon fiber is also used for the swingarm, with all of the lightweight materials helping the Vector to weigh around 25 percent less than a conventional bike.

Peak output is approximately 130 horsepower, which Arc said will see the Vector reach 60 mph in 2.7 seconds and top out at 150 mph. With mixed use, the range is estimated at 120 miles on the highway and up to 170 miles around town.

Another highlight of the Vector is its infotainment system. The system relies on a helmet with head-up display working in conjunction with a jacket with haptic feedback. The head-up display provides the rider with all the vital info, including the view out back, while the jacket is fitted with embedded speakers that create vibrations to warn the rider, for example of an approaching car.

Arc plans to build just 355 examples of the Vector, each priced from $117,000.