First we saw Daniel Ricciardo setting off an epic road trip across the States. He was sidetracked by the bright lights of Las Vegas, so his teammate Max Verstappen stepped in to take over. Max jumped into the cockpit of an Aston Martin Red Bull Racing Formula 1 race car to drive from the heights of Colorado to the sea in Miami, Florida.

Driving such a powerful machine anywhere outside of a racetrack is a bit of a fool's errand. Yet Max made it work as he traveled through the Rocky Mountains. The tires did well enough to supply grip so that Verstappen could eventually wind his way down to a fueling station somewhere in Colorado. He was then tasked with running down a shortcut that involved a dirt road. Still, driver and car somehow emerged on the other side in one piece.

The trip continued as Max made his way to the fun and sun found in Miami Beach. That fun turned out to be an actual run down the beach itself. Max swapped his dry tires for some wet compound Pirellis in an effort to find any traction. He did so and the F1 race car blasted through the sand as if it were a new rally-spec version of F1... which is something we now need to see.

Thousands of fans lined the famed Ocean Drive to watch Max and his machine continue their journey. Here, Max decided he needed another tire swap, and the fans were treated to a quick pitstop before car and driver roared off into the distance. Eventually the sun began to dip in the sky, and Miami began to glow as evening approached. Max made a quick stop and found he was soon joined by teammate Ricciardo, who somehow managed to steal himself away from the Vegas glitz.

The pair race off into the night...sparking hopes that a future F1 race in Miami might be added to the series calendar.