Acura is reaching out to its NSX customers because the hybrid sports car has been hit with a pair of recall notices. One affects the brake lights while the other might result in a fuel leak.

These recalls don't affect a lot of cars, mostly because Acura hasn't moved a ton of its reborn NSX, which is a shame since the car is rather terrific.

Here in the States, the brake light recall notice is being served to 793 units from the 2017 model year. There's a chance of a short circuit in the center high-mount brake light (CHMSL). If that happens, a fuse will blow and then all of the brake lights will be deactivated.

Should this occur, the car won't restart once the ignition is shut off. This is a safety feature designed to keep the car from being driven with blown brake lights. It would certainly be a bit annoying, though, as the car would be perfectly drivable, but it would require a tow to get it to the dealer. Acura says no crashes or injuries have occurred due to this issue, and the company will fix the problem by replacing the CHMSL.

The second recall is a bit more serious and affects 967 vehicles for both the 2017 and 2018 model years. The NSX has a pair of fuel tanks and a crossover pipe that connects them, but this pipe may have been installed incorrectly. Over time this could lead to a fuel leak, which is best avoided in pretty much all situations. 

The fix for the fuel tank issue will involve replacing both fuel tanks as well as the crossover pipe. Acura says no crashes, fires, or injuries due to this issue have been reported.

Both the brake light issue and fuel tank problem will be fixed at no charge.

Acura is reaching out to the owners of potentially affected cars first with phone calls and then with recall notices scheduled to go out in early November..