It can happen to anyone. You're on vacation driving along roads you've never driven on before and you inadvertently creep past the speed limit, only to get nabbed by a speed camera or speed trap.

For one tourist in Dubai, it happened multiple times in a matter of hours, and he clearly must have known he was speeding considering how fast he was going.

Local newspaper The National reported Tuesday that 25-year-old British tourist Farah Hashi racked up $47,600 worth of speeding and other fines in just four hours during a late night cruise on July 31. Most of the fines—33 in total—were issued after he triggered every speed camera along Dubai's Sheikh Zayed Road, at some points at speeds over 140 mph.

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Hashi was driving a Lamborghini Huracán on loan from Saeed Ali Rent a Car, and since the car was registered to the rental company it ended up receiving all of the fines. Strangely, Saeed Ali Rent a Car doesn't appear to have a process in place to claim the money for the fines from Hashi, although it does have his passport.

The rented Huracán has been sitting for a week in a hotel parking lot but Saeed Ali Rent a Car doesn't want to reclaim the car for fear it may then become liable for the fines. That's because there have been previous cases in the United Arab Emirates where rental companies have been forced to pay speeding fines and other penalties of the tourists who rented their cars and returned home.

For now it's unclear what the outcome will be but Hashi was due to end his Dubai vacation on Wednesday.