Always looking for ways to improve its production process, Ferrari has a new paint that reduces energy consumption at its plant and improves the resistance of the painted surfaces.

The paint has been developed in collaboration with supplier PPG and offers several benefits.

It incorporates a specially formulated clear coat that makes it possible for a car to be baked at 212 degrees F (100 degrees C) instead of 302 degrees F (150 degrees C), thereby cutting energy costs and enhancing the sustainability of the process.

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There's also another benefit of the lower cure temperature: it makes it possible to bake carbon fiber and composite components together with the painted bodyshell, resulting in color uniformity between the various body components.

The special clear coat also features a new type of hardener that Ferrari says enhances the chemical and mechanical resistance of the coating, thus allowing it to better protect the paint finish. The hardener is also said to enhance hydrophobicity, which results in less water permeability.

There's one additional benefit. Ferrari says the new paint makes it possible to combine metallic basecoats with gloss or matte pigmented clear coats, resulting in a greater number of possible finishes—61, to be precise.