We were amazed when Pagani needed to recall 16 of its Huayras. Lamborghini impressed us when it served a recall notice for all 11 of the Centenarios currently in the United States. Now Bugatti is jumping into the recall game as it has been forced to issue a recall notice for some Stateside examples of the Chiron. How many hypercars are affected by this news? Just two.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has posted a recall notice for a pair of Bugatti's latest and greatest. The reason? A set of side airbag modules have been installed in the incorrect position. If an airbag is deployed this improper installation could result in a burn hole, and that would lead to an airbag that has reduced effectiveness. The specific part is a head shield that's been placed in the wrong position.

To fix this, Bugatti is first sending out letters of the issue and also following up with the Chiron owners through phone and email. After that, Bugatti will schedule a time for its Flying Doctors to arrive and remove the affected seats, which is where the defective side airbags reside. The seat is then shipped off to the seat supplier so the side airbag can be replaced.

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Bugatti Chiron first drive

Bugatti Chiron first drive

The best part about all of this is that the official NHTSA notice actually references the Flying Doctors. Somewhere out there, a Bugatti Flying Doctor is preparing for his or her mission of seat retrieval. When you first think about it, that sounds ridiculous and then when you think about it some more it's still ridiculous but we also sort of wish we were Bugatti Flying Doctors. Doesn't it sound like a cool job?

The destinations where these Bugatti vehicles are kept would be interesting. The discussion had between the owners and the Doctors would also be intriguing. But, like any job, it probably becomes tedious.

"How was your job today, honey?" "Oh... another owner had that seat airbag issue I told you about. I had to get on the jet and unbolt another seat to bring back to Molsheim. I don't think I can keep this up. I've heard that Pagani has a much better Flying Doctor program in place... I think I'm going to apply for the gig."

Nope... still sounds awesome.