Lamborghini Centenario owners have first-world problems.

The prized rare machines are being hit with a recall notice, and the cars must be repaired immediately. This is a tough day for the group of people that own all 11 examples of the coupe and roadster versions of the Centenario, which were sold in 2017. The issue at hand here? An incorrect certification label showing the wrong gross vehicle weight rating.

Thankfully, there's an easy fix here. Centenario owners will be able to get the correct label installed at their local Lamborghini dealership. It's free, of course. And the owner can they drive away secure in the knowledge that their car bears the correct weight rating.

The problem with an incorrect GVWR is that an owner might unknowingly overload their car. This could lead to a suspension or tire failure and then a crash. How a Centenario owner would accomplish this is unknown. The front trunk only accommodates roughly two helmets. There's no rear trunk, since the 6.5-liter V-12 takes up most of the space aft of the driver and passenger. Additionally, there aren't a lot of roof-box options at the present time for the Centenario.

Though we're sure Jon Olsson is working on fixing that.

Regardless, this tragic moment in time for Lamborghini Centenario owners is being rectified. Once they get the proper sticker installed, they can return to a life filled with sub three-second 0-60 blasts and 759 horsepower shenanigans.