This story isn't for you. It's for the handful of people out there who own Pagani Huayra coupes and roadsters, including the track-focused BC.

There's a recall notice owners need to be made aware of, and it covers all 16 examples of the Pagani supercar produced in 2017 that have made it into the country. There's no need to drop your monocle just yet though, as the recall is battery related.

We assume your Pagani is currently in your collection where it's sitting under a car cover while connected to a battery tender. There's a chance your battery management system isn't sending enough power to start your Huayra. If the Pagani does manage to fire up, it might not have enough power to remain running at idle.

The automaker, according to NHTSA, is still developing a fix for the issue. There's no schedule yet to address the problem though, since that fix hasn't been figured out. If you do own a Huayra, you can call Pagani customer service and try to get some answers. Though if you bought a Huayra, you probably have Horacio Pagani's cellphone and are already chatting with him directly.

So fret not Huayra owners. You will soon be able to safely place your beloved Pagani coupe or roadster back under that car cover and hook it up to the battery tender once again. And when you do go to start it and drive away, you'll only have to worry about flat-spotted tires. We're clearly writing this from a position of jealousy...get out there and enjoy your Italian road-going spaceships.