Cars and Coffee-style events take place anywhere dedicated car lovers are ready to wake up early and admire each other's rides. The original got its start in Southern California, but you can find a Cars and Coffee pretty much anywhere you go. A group of Rolls-Royce owners were recently treated to a different take on Cars and Coffee; this one took place last Friday night and was dubbed Cars and Cognac.

The setting was the Soho Farmhouse, a rustic yet high-end members club sitting on 100 acres in the Oxfordshire, England, countryside, in the heart of the Cotswolds. In the dining space, Rolls-Royce parked a Dawn Black Badge, an Adamas Collection Dawn, and a Phantom. The boot of the Phantom Phantom held a bespoke picnic basket that housed several types of cognac.

A cognac sommelier was on hand to provide tasting notes, and the guests were treated to all sorts of top-notch spirits. Of course, they also dove deeper into the lifestyle that comes along with owning a Rolls-Royce. Those guests who wanted to hang around and "learn more" about the alcohol were invited to spend the evening at the Soho Farmhouse. For the others, Rolls-Royce was ready with a car and driver to return them to their homes.

Not many brands could pull off a car and alcohol paired event. Rolls-Royce, however, is probably the best marque to handle an event dubbed Cars and Cognac.

Now we're left thinking of other Cars and Coffee-style events that other automakers can produce. Perhaps a Cars and Vape Juice gathering for Subaru owners? Or maybe Cars and Thrill Seeking Pedestrians organized by a local Ford Mustang owners club?