Elon Musk, CEO of The Boring Company, as well as Tesla, began to lay out plans for how his interpretation of future transportation will look in Los Angeles.

The Boring Company will build an urban transport system called Loop, and Musk thinks the transportation solution will revolutionize how individuals travel.

Recall, The Boring Company originally envisioned tunnels to transport people, cyclists, and vehicles on electric-powered high-speed sleds. Earlier this month, Musk said plans to transport cars have been put on hold to focus on mass transit. Thus, Loop will focus on pedestrians initially.

In a new video from an information session, Musk said Loop will be able to transport riders at speeds up to 150 mph and it will cost just $1. Specifically, he said traveling from downtown Los Angeles to LAX airport would take roughly 8 minutes and cost just a buck.

Musk's method would, in theory, take vehicles off the road and alleviate congestion. Ironically, Musk himself was late for the presentation after saying he was caught up in traffic.

The main focus of the presentation was to discuss how The Boring Company plans to integrate its mobility method with L.A.'s already chaotic infrastructure. The CEO has been working with the local government and trying to persuade public opinion. 

In his pitch, Musk went further to cast Loop as a true alternative to today's roads and cars. He called the idea of flying cars "nerve-racking" and said his solution provides more peace of mind for passengers. As for integrating Loop with the city's public transit infrastructure, large stations are likely out of the question. Instead, Musk said parking-space sized stations may be a better option.

Last week, the CEO announced the first tunnel had nearly finished construction and Musk announced plans for free rides to the public in a few months. The tunnel is approximately two miles long near LAX and Interstate 405.