A few weeks ago, Elon Musk revealed his Boring Company's first sub-street level elevator, and now it's operational. Musk took to Instagram once again to show the elevator in action during a test and it certainly is following his proposed concept.

A car drives onto the elevator's platform, which then lowers beneath the street surface. From there, the platform transforms into a sled, which ushers the vehicle through The Boring Company's tunnels at speeds up to 125 mph. Musk has said a trip from the Los Angeles suburb of Westwood to LAX would take roughly five minutes—an hour-long drive is typical, thanks to the city's notorious traffic.

The Boring Company's elevators and tunnels aren't intended to sprout up in hundreds of locations, though. Instead, they're designed to integrate with major traffic hubs. The city of Los Angeles has already expressed interest in Musk's congestion solution, and it even thinks the technology is feasible. However, the mounds of red tape, permits, and legal work stand in The Boring Company's way. Musk would also have to convince officials to truly give the project a green light. Musk has called the talks thus far "promising."

The latest developments surrounding The Boring Company happen to include Hyperloop, a project not directly backed by Musk. However, the visionary reportedly received "verbal approval" to build a Hyperloop through New York City, Philidelphia, Baltimore, and Washington D.C. In the process, Musk's language suggested The Boring Company and Hyperloop would merge for the project, though both have separate goals.

We'll more than likely hear more about both The Boring Company and Hyperloop's projects in the near future, but have a look at the operational elevator in the video below.