Maserati wants its customers to be better drivers and the Italian luxury marque has introduced a set of track experience programs to do just that: the Master Maserati series.

The brand announced Wednesday that the Master Maserati track experiences, to be held in Parma, Italy, will be divided into three programs. The first is "Master on track," which is also subdivided into four separate track experiences. The second is "Master off-road," which will take participants on two courses. The final program is "Master Incentive." Maserati said the latter has been conceived for groups and companies, which can be personalized to the customer's requirements.

The full range of Maserati vehicles will be at a driver's disposal. They include the Quattroporte, Ghibli, Levante, GranTurismo, and GranCabrio. Maserati won't be letting its sports cars and luxury sedans out onto the off-road courses, though. 

For true enthusiasts, the Master on track program will likely sound most appealing. The four separate experiences housed within the program, named "Practice," "Qualifying," "Race," and "Championship," all cater to different types of drivers and their skill levels. The practice program is for beginnings, while the championship program involves a GranTurismo Sport GT4 but also hot laps as a passenger in the MC12 Versione Corse. Andrea Bertolini, four times FIA GT1 world champion, will pilot the MC12.

Save for the beginner's practice program, Maserati will provide telemetric data analysis to help drivers see their mistakes and where they can improve upon their performance on the track.

Pricing starts at $760 for the practice program and climbs to $7,400 for the championship program. For large groups, the Master Incentive program may also be combined with other Maserati experiences, such as a factory tour or a visit to the Panini Motor Museum in Modena.

Programs begin this summer with the majority of them running through mid-October.