The wait time on a new Koenigsegg literally spans years. But people with seven figures to drop on a car aren't used to waiting, so to keep potential buyers enticed Koenigsegg is launching a certified pre-owned program for its older cars.

The new program, which will be formally introduced on Tuesday at the 2018 Geneva International Motor Show, is known as Certified Legends, and it alleviates any doubt when buying a Koenigsegg with anything more than the delivery miles on it.

To be qualified under the Certified Legends program, a Koenigsegg needs to pass a comprehensive inspection and service regime. The work is done at Koenigsegg's plant in Sweden, where any upgrades or repairs can be handled if necessary. And in addition to the peace of mind that comes in the knowledge you're buying a Koenigsegg in tip-top shape, cars that qualify as Certified Legends also come with a 2-year factory warranty.

To mark the launch of the Certified Legends program, Koenigsegg will display a 2006 CCX at this week's Geneva auto show. The car, a rare right-hand-drive example, is one of the first Koenigsegg models to be qualified as a Certified Legend. Its exterior has been repainted while the original interior has been swapped out for aniline leather with a basket-weave pattern. Under the hood remains a 806-horsepower 4.4-liter twin-supercharged V-8.

Koenigsegg will also use the Geneva auto show to present a version of its latest Regera hypercar fitted with a new Ghost high-downforce package. For more from Geneva, head to our dedicated hub.