Audi is set to unveil its new 2019 A6 next week at the 2018 Geneva auto show, but that hasn't stopped the Internet from ruining the German automaker's surprise. Images of the new sedan made their way onto the Internet showing a car that clearly cribs from the related A7 and the flagship A8.

The Buick Y-Job was conceived by the legendary Harley Earl in 1938 to highlight features to be seen in future General Motors vehicles. In today's vernacular it would be considered a concept car, and it's become one for the history books. It recently was driven by none other than Jay Leno, who waxes poetic about the car's creator.

Pro skier Jon Olsson has revealed his latest creation: a high-horsepower, heavily modified new Audi RS 6+ Avant that's been massaged by Abt. Dubbed Project Phoenix, the family hauler has 735 horsepower and a near-DTM race car status with full interior.

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