Mercedes-Benz is ready to double-down on its efforts to bring you a better in-car navigation experience. The German automaker is ready to roll out its integration of what3words navigation. This is a navigation system that has divided the planet into 57 trillion squares and each one has been given its own three-word address, such as remark.healers.heat.

In the fall of 2017, Mercedes announced it was exploring the what3words technology in an effort to help simplify and refine navigational inputs. With what3words, the idea is that a driver would find their destination by its unique combination of three words and that would take them exactly where they want to be. These 57 trillion squares are three meters by three meters, so whatever three word combination corresponds to your destination will put you within nine square meters of where you intend to be.

Regardless, Mercedes clearly views this as an important step forward in improving its own infotainment systems. In fact, the automaker has participated in a financing round with what3words and acquired ten percent of the company. Additionally, the automaker is preparing to roll out this technology with the upcoming A-Class. It is unclear if the technology will come to the U.S. We spoke to Mercedes and the company was unable to answer that question at this time.

Mercedes has not said how drivers will look up the three words for their intended destinations, but the company did say that potentially confusing combinations of similar words are far away from one another, the system is offered in 14 languages, and each language has a vocabulary list of approximately 25,000 words.

The 2019 A-Class is due this year, so this technology may be arriving sooner rather than later.