Irwindale Raceway in California is home to a number of racing surfaces. One of the most popular is the eighth-mile dragstrip. On certain nights, anyone interested can bring their car or truck to the track and see how it performs on this straight line of asphalt. For what might be the first time ever at this location, one wonderful individual has brought their showroom-new Dodge Challenger SRT Demon.

The 840-horsepower Dodge Demon is a road car that happens to be nearly fully prepped for drag-racing duty. This car is so focused on straight-line speed that a new owner can pluck one out of a showroom and rip off impressive times down an eighth-mile track.

It seems fairly evident from the video that the owner is still learning the car, and possibly still figuring out drag racing in general. On the first run, the driver has issues at the starting tree, but that doesn't really matter here because this isn't an official competition. It's a guy or gal taking a new car to a place where it was designed to thrive. And thrive it does.

The driver rips off a burnout and then stages at the lights. There seems to be a bit of confusion around the launch system, but they'll get that figured out in due time. After re-staging, the Demon is given a bit of gas and it then launches into the night air. That first pass happens in 6.67 seconds with a trap speed of 102 mph. Based on simple racing conversion math (yes, it exists and here it's used to show how an 1/8-mile time would convert to a full 1/4-mile run), that 6.67 would translate to about a 10.40 pass for the quarter mile.

The second run goes a lot more smoothly. With a "regular" Hellcat lined up in the opposite lane, the Demon driver records a time of 6.60 seconds at 104 mph. In this run, you can see how much faster the Demon is than its Hellcat sibling. Pay attention to the rapidly disappearing taillights in the right lane. That 6.60 translates to a 10.30 for the quarter mile.

A third and final pass doesn't result in any improvement in time, but the angle of the video here is different and you get a great blast of the noise produced by the Demon. Under its hood sits a 6.2-liter V-8 and you can hear its supercharger absolutely screaming as the owner lays into the throttle. With the right combination of fuel and tires, this is a car that will sprint to a 9.65 quarter-mile blast.

The video description says the car was running on 91 octane fuel and drag radials, though we don't know if they were the Nittos that came with the car or special tires bought for drag racing (we suspect they're the Nittos). Given that the engine probably isn't broken in and the car isn't using racing fuel, a 6.60/10.30 time the first time out is a pretty impressive number. Maybe that 9.65 time is achievable.

Click play on the video above and watch the Demon in action.