Hyundai Mobis, a long-time South Korea automotive supplier with obvious ties to Hyundai, introduced a world-first piece of safety equipment this past Saturday. Feast your eyes on the very first production panorama sunroof airbag.

The airbag covers the almost the entire open portion of a panoramic sunroof, which extends past the front seats and into the rear seats. Hyundai Mobis' design is very similar to a side-curtain airbag, which deploys alongside the windows in the event of a side-impact crash. The panorama airbag deploys if the vehicle is involved in a rollover crash. The sensors detect the rollover and the inflator deploys the panorama airbag in 0.08 seconds to keep passengers from potential vehicle ejection and buffer any impact an occupant may experience with the sunroof itself.

During the development process, Hyundai Mobis conducted testing on dummies. The company said the panorama airbag prevented the dummies from being flung from the vehicle and therefore reduced injury severity significantly. Serious and potentially life-threatening injuries became minor injuries, thanks also to the extra cushion atop passengers during a rollover crash.

Engineers were careful to implement the airbag in a safe manner and designed the system to work seamlessly if the sunroof is open or closed. If the sunroof is closed, the airbag deploys between the glass and sun shield with the same protections if the sunroof were open during an impact. Along the development timeline, Hyundai Mobis filed 11 patents for its technology.

It's unclear where the panorama airbags may show up first, and Hyundai Mobis didn't provide any insight into what vehicles or automakers may use the airbags.


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