• Apple patent for non-linear sunroof

    Apple filed to patent more than 2,000 ideas last year, and we'll likely never see many of them reach daylight. But, automobile patents are becoming more common from the technology giant. The most recent patents, both awarded in the last couple of weeks, involve a trick sunroof and haptic-feedback seating. Filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office and published by iDrop News last Thursday, the sunroof and seats slightly reimagine two rather fixed items in an automobile. The sunroof, specifically, would feature "moveable panels with nonlinear tracks." As for how it works, here's...

  • Hyundai panorama airbag for panoramic sunroofs
    Hyundai Mobis introduces world's first panorama sunroof airbags

    Hyundai Mobis, a long-time South Korea automotive supplier with obvious ties to Hyundai, introduced a world-first piece of safety equipment this past Saturday. Feast your eyes on the very first production panorama sunroof airbag. The airbag covers the almost the entire open portion of a panoramic...

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