Land Rover is busy charting its future path, and aside from a possible S-Class rivaling "Road Rover", the brand is also looking at a 2-door SUV as a flagship vehicle.

On Friday, Drive reported that Gerry McGovern, Land Rover's design boss, alluded to such a flagship vehicle during the 2017 Los Angeles Auto Show.

The executive hinted Jaguar Land Rover Special Vehicle Operations (SVO) could build a limited run of the proposed ultra-luxurious 2-door SUV, but he didn't provide a solid answer.

"I can’t say when, but there are opportunities," he said. "We have proven that with Range Rover, with the ability to offer derivations of these established vehicles, and offer them in a way that resonates with people in a relevant way."

He did mention SVO would make it easier to build a derivative such as a posh 2-door SUV since the unit is a "business within a business." If the SUV does come to light, it would be a high-riding rival to the Rolls-Royce Wraith and Bentley Continental GT.

There's room for another 2-door SUV at the brand after Land Rover killed the 2-door Evoque. McGovern strongly suggested the next-generation Evoque will likely come with four doors only. Again, he hinted a 2-door makes more sense with a larger SUV.

"I think as you go bigger it might give us an opportunity because then it becomes more exclusive, which might give you a hint…"

As for the wild idea of a Land Rover sedan, the executive said don't discount it for a second. Previous reports stated the Road Rover is under development alongside the next-generation Jaguar XL. The sedan could round out Land Rover's portfolio should consumers ever fall out of love with SUVs.

“Don’t think for a minute we’re not going to do what you’re alluding to,” he noted when asked about the Road Rover program.